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DSS Consulting, Inc., has recently undergone a powerful and positive transformation in response to the growing needs of our customers. Once a “staffing and consulting services-only” firm, DSS has grown into a regional and national provider of information technology services and solutions. DSS now offers innovative, dynamic and scalable IT products and services, delivered with our award-winning, world-class customer support.


"It Has Been a Genuine Pleasure"

Dear DSS,

I wanted to send you a short email regarding your staff and the folks sent for the Validation project we are doing. Of the original openings that we had, you were able to send us people with the right qualifications to fill four of those slots in a very short timeframe. As we had had need for two additional people, you were able to find them for us very quickly also. As we find ourselves needing yet another, you are there finding more candidates for us.

It has been a genuine pleasure for me to work with DSS in finding and working with the people you’ve sent. I have appreciated the time taken to understand our technical needs, as well as our skill-set fits. Your staff has straightforward personalities, which has allowed us to come to an understanding about candidates in very little time. I found this very refreshing, as your staff and I were quickly able to develop a shared picture of the ideal candidate. This also improved our ability to share that “ideal candidate” picture with the recruiters finding candidates and sped the finding / hiring process along.

I have enjoyed working with DSS very much and have enjoyed the quality of the people you have sent to us, as well. We have been very pleased overall with the level of work, expertise and professionalism we have seen. We have also been very pleased with your quick reaction time when small problems arise. Things are nicely and quickly resolved.

Please convey my personal thanks to your staff for all their hard work.

Client Program Manager

"Not a Square Peg…"

Dear DSS Recruiter,

It was nice to talk to you today. You are truly a unique recruiter, since you aren’t the classical “square peg – square hole” type of guy. It was refreshing to talk to a recruiter who actually looks at skill sets and not just at industry backgrounds. Thank you.

Marketing Professional

"She Has Earned the Respect…"

Dear DSS,

I wanted to let you know that one of our customers stopped by my desk to specifically tell me how much she appreciates the help that one of your new hires has given to her. She has answered a lot of questions.

Knowing where to find resources is a challenge. We have people in the department that have been here over three years and still can’t find things! Ha! I am very glad that she has earned the respect of being a helpful resource. Thanks.

DSS Client Training Coordinator

"I am Very Impressed with DSS"

Dear DSS,

It was truly a pleasure to meet you today. Your visit was appreciated, not only by me, but also by contractors from other companies. Apparently this is an uncommon courtesy. I am very impressed with DSS. Your staff is great. It is unlikely I would have considered this opportunity had it not been for your integrity and my positive experience with DSS. I am very happy to be aboard.

Newly Hired Consultant

"Let me start by saying…"

Dear DSS,

Let me start by saying that your staff is awesome. They explained everything to me, were very professional, and actually made me feel like DSS cares about my career and advancement. Thank you.

Newly Hired Consultant

"All the Thanks Goes to You."

Dear DSS,

All the thanks goes to you. I enjoyed our conversation and was thoroughly impressed with what DSS is providing to maximize the success of my future endeavors.

Newly Hired Consultant

"I Was So Impressed…"

Dear DSS,

Thank you so much for contacting me and working with me to gain employment. I have to admit, I was not seeking employment when you contacted me. I had decided to take some time off before searching.

I was so impressed with your professional manner each time we spoke. I felt this would probably be a great opportunity for me, as well as for the client. Needless to say, I was pleased to learn I had been accepted for the position.

It would be my pleasure to send other candidates your way. Thanks again for all your help.

Newly Hired Consultant

"You Have the Best HR Staff."

Dear DSS,

I just wanted to let you know you have the best HR staff I have ever worked with. Thank you so much for everything.

DSS Consultant

"Take Pen in Hand"

Dear DSS,

It is very infrequent for me to take pen in hand to acknowledge and document performance. However, this is the exception.

My recruiter has worked so closely with me, I feel I know her. And more importantly, I have grown to feel her attention to detail and follow-up justify the trust I place in her.

She has walked me through the interviewing and application process so thoroughly and with such congeniality that, as a result, I have enjoyed the experience, rather than having felt stressful.

My compliments to you in selecting and training such a pleasant, professional recruiter. Thank you.

Newly Hired Consultant

"I've Never Had a Job Search Go So Quickly"

I just wanted to fire off a little note to thank you all. I’ve never had a job search go so quickly and easily. I think it was only about a week from the time I first talked to you to the day I had an offer.

Thanks for your efforts.

Long-Term Repeat Consultant

"I'm Lovin' my Job"

Dear DSS,

I’m lovin’ my job! The people are great. I would rather be writing than almost anything else in the world. Even the meetings have been hugely productive. AND I got my DSS shirt today. I’m just a happy little camper.

Technical Writer

"I Had to Return Your Call"

Dear DSS,

As an engineer, I am used to getting phone calls from recruiters. I confess that most of the time, I don’t bother returning their calls.

But I recently received a phone call from you, and I was so impressed that I had to return your call.

Right away I knew that you had seen my information on our website and had obviously done a lot of investigative work just to track down a phone number. I was impressed by your ingenuity and uniqueness.

I don’t know a lot of people right now who are looking for a job, but I will pass on your information to some engineers I know. I feel that you are sincere in your work and are very professional.

A Referral

"Something Few People Are Able to Do."

Dear DSS,

Words cannot express my sincere thanks and gratitude for helping me land the job I’ve dreamed for years. Had it not been for you seeing my resume and believing I had what your client was looking for, none of this would have been possible.

I am 110% positive that you have not only affected my life and my husband’s life, but you have made a difference in the future of our (one day) children…and that’s something that very few people are able to do.

You were the best “coach,” “cheerleader,” etc., I could have asked for, and I am truly grateful for all you’ve done. I look forward to our meeting soon. I will definitely be in touch. Thanks again. You’re the best.

PS. Tell your boss that I said you deserve a BIG, FAT RAISE!

Newly Hired Consultant

"The Best Test Cases Ever Seen"

Dear DSS,

I just wanted to share with you some feedback I received. As you know, one of our employees is helping make a “dry-run” of the system test cases that you’ve written.

She commented on how thorough and accurate the test cases are, how easy they are to execute, and what a great job you’ve done with them. She said they are the best test cases she’s ever seen!

Thanks so much for your effort on this project. We really appreciate your commitment to detail. Keep up the good work.

Client Supervisor (to Consultant on Peer Accolades)

"I Solely Work with DSS"

Dear DSS,

Your staff has played an extraordinarily important role in our hiring process. From the time I place a call, to the time I have selected the best applicant, your staff is continuously searching for the perfect fit. Once I have selected the individuals I want to interview, your staff makes the contact, and in most cases, I have them in my office the next day.

We have been very happy with the temp-to-hire employees that you have found for us. In nearly 100% of the cases, we have gone on to hire them full-time. It is primarily due to your hard work performed in selecting and pre-screening candidates that I solely work with DSS.

HR Director