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DSS Consulting, Inc., specializes in many high-tech staffing solutions. Identifying and understanding the aspects of each job, and then guiding candidates through the screening and pre-interview process, is an art best performed by recruitment pros with a human touch. Let the DSS artists create a career masterpiece for you.

DSS Recruits Top Talent!

DSS project-solutions leaders and senior technical recruiters understand the technology practice areas and are experts at assessing the client requirements by interpreting them and qualifying the candidates using the award-winning DSS Recruiting and Talent Sourcing Methodology – Diverse People, Plans and Processes – that have been perfected over the years.

As is required by changes in technology, our project-solutions team members undergo continuous training in IT practice areas and resource methodologies. They are also members of several recruiting special industry groups (SIGs), where they share and learn industry “Best Practices.”

We qualify candidates through our five-step recruiting and staffing process, which consists of client specific industry research, detailed recruitment strategies, defined client submittal criteria, extensive offer packages, and an aggressive retention plan. Our recruiters develop a strong understanding of a candidate’s skills, preferences, strengths and weaknesses, in order to ensure the best match, and to help candidates further their career.

The following diagram illustrates our Diverse…People…Plans….Processes recruitment and talent sourcing methodology map:

We value our relationship with consultants as much as we value that with our clients. We strive to ensure longevity in all our relationships. It is no wonder that a large percentage of our consultants come to us through employee referrals. Our clients benefit vastly from the close, personal relationship and loyalty we develop with our consultants.

Our leading recruitment and staffing strategies include…